​​​Clermont County Save Line: 513.528.SAVE (7283)

Narcan works by...

  • counteracting the slowing of the central nervous and respiratory systems 
  • returning the person to normal breathing 
  • injection into the muscle, vein or under the skin, or 
  • being sprayed into the nose. ​


Heroin and pain killers are opiates. 
Risk Factors 
Overdoses can happen to anyone. Individuals at a higher risk may have: 

  • a substance abuse history 
  • a mental health history 
  • a painful physical illness or a compromised respiratory system 
  • combined one drug with other drugs and/or alcohol 
  • used drugs while alone 
  • used after a period of not using or reduced usage, or 
  • a new dealer or new supply

Signs of an Opiate Overdose 

  • struggling to breathe or snoring in an unusual way 
  • not reacting to attempts to awaken 
  • hands, face, and/or lips turning purple or blue 
  • not responding to pain 
  • complaining about being too hot 
  • vomiting, or 
  • acting unreasonable or appearing confused

What to DO 

  • DO call immediately for medical intervention 
  • DO use Narcan if available 
  • DO try to awaken the person by rubbing knuckles hard against the chest bone 
  • DO clear the airway, pinch the nose closed, and blow air into the mouth 
  • DO position the person on their side if vomiting 
  • DO keep the person warm and stay until help arrives 
  • DO share information about what drugs were used, and 
  • DO leave everything as found

​What NOT to do 

  • DON’T allow the person to “sleep it off” 
  • DON’T put the person in a bath, shower, or ice 
  • DON’T give the person any substance (except Narcan) 
  • DON’T leave the person alone or unattended, and 
  • DON’T treat the person with home remedies - they do not work and postpone life-saving medical treatment

Narcan (Naloxone)
Narcan can stop an overdose from heroin or pain killers and save the person’s life. 

It is very important to call 911 if you think someone is overdosing.

Who to call for help 
Emergency: 911
Crisis Hotline: 528.SAVE (7283) 


  • Clermont Recovery Center: 513.735.8100 
  • Northland Treatment Center: 513.753.9964 


  • Clermont Recovery Center: 513.735.8100 
  • Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health - Amelia: 513.345.8555 

SOLACE Clermont: 513.735.8159