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In order to reach its goal of preventing the misuse of opiates, the Opiate Task Force has come up with six key strategies.

1. Educate the community about opiate abuse, including the symptoms of opiate abuse.

  • Impact of Opiate Addiction Fact Sheet
  • ​Carfentanil Fact Sheet

2. Create awareness of the existing prevention resources in the community. See county prevention  activities.

3. Educate prescribers about the dangers of opioid prescriptions.

4. Increase knowledge and availability of prescription drug drop boxes.

  • Seven prescription drug drop boxes are located throughout Clermont County

5. Advocate for more school-based prevention funding.

6. Increase the understanding of addiction to lessen stigma and dispel myths.

Additional Resources

Parental Resources​​

One of the best and least expensive ways to fight the opiate epidemic is through prevention and education. In order to work, prevention efforts must include evidenced based prevention practices. The prevention information must also focus on both environmental and individual factors.