​​​Clermont County Save Line: 513.528.SAVE (7283)

Educate prescribers about the dangers
​of opioid prescriptions 


Create awareness of the existing prevention resources in the community 

Increase knowledge and availability
​of prescription drug boxes 


Educate the community about opiate abuse, including the symptoms of opiate abuse 

Prevention Strategies 

Increase understanding of addiction to lessen stigma and dispel myths about addiction and those who are addicted 

“Clermont County, in many ways, was not prepared for the opiate epidemic that has impacted many systems and our
entire community. However, the increase in awareness about addiction and the willingness of so many agencies and citizens
to help develop a plan to address the epidemic that includes providing information on the issue, preventing more people
from starting use, and assisting those already addicted, has been the catalyst of a belief that together we can
​successfully fight to diminish this epidemic.” 

– Karen J. Scherra, Executive Director 
Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board

Advocate for more school-based
​prevention funding