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Increase community-based Naloxone (Narcan) distribution 

Increase community support and education 

“As a County Commissioner, it concerns me to hear that counties across the U.S. spend around 9% of their budgets cleaning up
the effects of addiction. As a parent, it frightens me to hear that ... there has been an 83% increase
in foster care cases in Ohio where heroin was a factor. As a responsible citizen of the county, we must all find a way to reduce
the supply and the demand of illegal opiates while providing better treatment for those who have substance abuse
​and addiction problems.” 

– David Uible, Clermont County Commissioner

Increase the availability of support services
for children whose parents are addicted to opiates
​ and for families impacted by opiate addiction 

Harm Reduction Strategies 


Increase awareness and reduce infectious disease risks of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C through education, testing, vaccination,
and referral for care