Sheriff's Tip Line
Narcotics Tip Line phone number: 513.625.2806. Or, use the ​Sheriff's Tip Line Contact Form.

See Something! Say Something!

​​​Clermont County Save Line: 513.528.SAVE (7283)

The Clermont County Narcotics Unit encourages the use of their hotline – 513.625.2806 -- to report illegal drug activity. All calls are evaluated for actionable intelligence, which can be used to initiate investigations. Citizens using the hotline are requested to leave a name and return telephone number when leaving a tip. All information remains confidential and the caller’s identification is never revealed outside of the Unit.

Callback information allows the investigator to get additional information on the complaint or to get answers to questions which may arise during the course of the investigation.

 Partnering with local law enforcement to help disrupt the trafficking of illegal narcotics in our county will improve the lives of everyone in the county. By working together and supporting law enforcement, we can save lives and save money.

Tips for businesses and homeowners, which may indicate drug use: 

  • Repeat customers who use your store or gas station daily to meet with people whether in the lot or in bathrooms.
  • Monitor bathrooms of stores for customers spending an excessive amount of time in them.
  • Monitor cars that remain parked for extended periods of time in your lots and are occupied.
  • Monitor for people who appear to be sleeping in their cars on your lots.
  • Pale, disheveled customers who appear to be manic in nature or nodding off.
  • Customers wearing long sleeves in hotter temperatures (hiding trackmarks).
  • Cars pulling up to each other on the driver's side in lots for longer periods of time.
  • Customers stealing magazine subscription cards out of magazines at stores. Cards are being used to package black tar heroin.
  • Monitor for neighbors with an excessive amount of traffic coming to and from their house at all hours of the day.
  • Monitor for hand-to-hand exchanges done at the street or from cars on the street

Law enforcement can't fight the use of heroin alone! See something! Say something!