​​​Clermont County Save Line: 513.528.SAVE (7283)

Strengthen treatment providers’ collaborations with mutual help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous,
​and SMART Recovery 

Increase the availability of vocational services
​for people in treatment 


Treatment Strategies 

Increase the availability of intensive outpatient treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provided in conjunction with services


Establish a residential detoxification program
​in Clermont County for indigent, uninsured,​and underinsured residents​

“Medication Assisted Treatment has provided the court with a more effective way to deal
with non-violent offenders. With these defendants, I stress the importance of getting counseling too.
​But, Medication Assisted Treatment has increased the amount of time we have to work with someone,
and I have seen ​a fair number of people respond well who were having a hard time before.” 

– The Honorable Jerry R. McBride 
Judge, Clermont County Common Pleas Court 

Establish 150 units of recovery housing
​in Clermont County