Ohio, like most of the United States, is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic. The link below connects to a dashboard which presents a snapshot of how drug overdose, primarily due to abuse of opioid drugs, are impacting Clermont County, Ohio.

In order to estimate the size of this impact, Hamilton County Public Health has developed this data tool to provide information on ED visits and 911 dispatches due to overdose. Overdoses here are defined as a medical emergency due to the use of drugs of abuse, primarily opioids. Not all overdoses presented here involve opioids (the majority do) and not all overdoses result in death (the majority don't). ED visits here are defined as overdoses among Clermont County residents treated in any Ohio hospital or certain hospital systems outside Ohio such as St. Elizabeth's in Kentucky. 911 dispatches are defined as dispatches to a location within Clermont County due to an overdose incident.

View Clermont County Daily Statistics

For more information about statistics in Clermont County, please contact the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board at 513.732.5400.  

​​​Clermont County Save Line: 513.528.SAVE (7283)